Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunday 11 March - The finest Sunday

Current location: Leeds Castle, Maidstone
11.11am, At Go Ape! It's housemate Katy's birthday so five of us came to Go Ape to swing from trees, tight-rope walk 12m above the ground and go on 250m zip wires. SO much fun. It was seriously amazing and I would recommend everyone visited, though it was pretty scary too! Even though the rational part of my brain knew I was attached and wouldn't plummet to my death, the slowwww and scary scrambles across wobbly rope ladders and thin ropes played havoc with the irrational part of my brain. The zip wires were so amazing though; really high up with awesome views of Kent, it felt like flying!

After three hours of trekking through the treetops and swinging like Tarzan, we decided to try and find a beach, as we knew we weren't too far from the coast. We headed towards Folkestone and stopped off for fish and chips, which we then ate on a deserted pebbly beach with the sunshine beaming down on us. Skimming competitions, cartwheels and starjumps kept us entertained before we all piled back in the car like a sleepy family and drove home.

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