Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thursday 2 February - Trouble in paradise

Current location: Piccadilly, London
11.11am, In Caffe Nero. Not in work. Even though we had a magazine to make.
Late yesterday afternoon, the power went off in our building, leading to a welcome 4pm finish and a trip to the pub. However by today, the power still wasn't on, leading to a very stressful 9.30am meeting where I had to decide what to do about production... Most of the team went home to work from there, while three of us trekked over to another building, hoping our computers would meet us there. They didn't, so we relocated to Caffe Nero in the meantime... The day ended up being one of laughter, frustration, busy-ness, fear and ultimately working very hard to make the magazine in time. I work with a bunch of absolute superstars. x

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