Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sunday 5 February - Greenwich Park in the schneeee!

Current location: Greenwich Park
11.11am, Playing in the snow!! Today was one of the most perfect days, ever. We got up early (despite our accidental late night last night) and caught the bus to Greenwich, where the snow was thick in the park and there were hundreds of people hurtling down the hills on toboggans, sledges, bodyboards, snowboards, trays and anything else they could find. It was so beautiful. And pretty chilly, so after a walk through the schnee, we stopped for a hot chocolate and some brunch to boost us for the walk home. As Andy settled down to do some work, I unleashed my inner domestic goddess that sometimes lurks and made my first ever solo roast dinner. It was a bloody good one too. A movie and many cups of tea later, I fell asleep full and tired and happy.

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