Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saturday 4 February - Snow party

Current location: Hackney
11.11pm, Throwing snowballs from a balcony. It was Els' birthday so we went to a fuuunnn house party. Then we left and went to another house party, which was slightly less fun but only due to it being too busy (which should make it more fun?!). By then, it had started to snow pretty heavily, so we threw snowballs and played in the snow. And then took three hours to get home, no joke. The old thought that London closes down in bad weather is true, and huddling together outside Canary Wharf station at 3am was not how I'd planned to spend Saturday night. But coming home to tea and hot-water bottles was a bit lovely.

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  1. Getting stuck waiting for transport in the cold of the night is horrible, it's as if you can feel yourself getting more ill by the a good cup of tea to save the day though! :)