Monday, February 27, 2012

Saturday 25 February - Team sports!

Current location: Lewisham
11.11am, Heading home so I could leave for netball. Finally, after joining a netball club in September, I have actually pulled myself together enough to play a match! Andy and I cycled to Mottingham, where the games are played, and I prepared myself for the first proper match I've played in about two years. The sun was shining and I was nervous but very excited, starting off playing as GD for the second team. After a good quarter and a few rockier quarters, we ended up losing, but I had loads of fun, and was pretty tired after the hour-long match and was looking forward to stretching out in the sunshine and cheering on the first team, whose match was on straight after ours. But as the first team were short on players, they asked me to play WD for their game too, so it was straight back on court and into a fast, fun, furious game that was very close and saw us only losing by three goals. Such a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

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