Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Friday 27 January - Let's go Gdansk-ing!

Current location: Gdansk, Poland!
11.11pm, Sipping an Irish coffee in a Polish bar in Gdansk. After about five years of wanting to visit the coastal city in Poland, I decided to surprise Andy and take him for a weekend away in Gdansk. We arrived to freezing temperatures (which we later learnt was -16˚C) and a friendly welcome from 'Jasper' who drove us to our hotel and told us lots about the city. The drive between the airport and the city goes through a huge national park, which was covered in snow and so beautiful.

After a quick walk around the old town, we stopped to warm up and eat delicious mussels, washed down with a local beer. Braving the cold to return to our cosy hotel, we only ventured out hours later for dinner; I had meat wrapped in cabbage, which sounds gross but was excellent and very Polish! Carrying on the evening with a hot brandy coffee, I decided I love Gdansk so far!

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