Monday, February 27, 2012

Friday 17 February - More reasons to love London

Current location: London
11.11pm, Standing in Trafalgar Square, having a chat. Tonight I met my friends Siobhan and Bec in Soho for a quick drink after work, which turned into quite a lot of drinks. As we left the pub to walk to the tube station, we went through Trafalgar Square and stopped off to have a final chat before our goodbyes. It was so beautiful standing there in front of the National Portrait Gallery with all the busy Friday-night bustle going on and the evening lights of the city twinkling around us. I felt very lucky and excited to be in London, and also pretty appreciative of the good things that this city brings. For example, Siobhan and Bec are two ladies that I only met recently... Siobhan about a month ago and Bec a couple of weeks after that. But because of the easy ways of meeting new people here (mainly through other friends), and the bonus of working in central London, we have quickly struck up a very lovely, easy and fun friendship; one that I don't know would be so easy in another city or country.

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