Friday, November 11, 2011

Saturday 29 October - My birthday!

Current location: Brighton
11.11am, In Brighton with Mum, Dad and Andy, eating cookies. By this point I had already had such a fun birthday, even though it had only just started. I had lots of fun drinks with the work peeps and some other friends on Friday night, and received a gorgeous Patisserie Valerie cake from Susie (which is even sweeter and kinder than it sounds because she can't eat cake!). Then it was off to Brighton, where we shopped, ate, drank, went to a comedy show, went for a walk, opened presents and had a very celebratory time! Then Andy and I headed back to London the next day to enjoy a Sunday roast with my friends. I've already been super spoilt and next weekend 12 of us are off to Ramsgate for more birthday fun! I feel very lucky and loved and happy.

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