Friday, November 11, 2011

Saturday 22 October - Baking and pubbing

Current location: Lewisham, London
11.11am, Making muffins. No ordinary muffins, however, but savoury sundried tomato and cheese muffins. Deeeeelish. I've had a lovely week since coming back from Australia on Sunday – a week that included drinks by the river with friends, nights in watching Grey's Anatomy, being reunited with Andy since he got back from Berlin, and sending two magazines to press. But then it was the weekend again, so I baked muffins and then Nicky and Megan (my American friend from Berlin) and Andy and I went to my new fave local pub, the Ravensbourne Arms, and played board games before heading to Chiswick for our friend Gemma's birthday! Phew, a busy London weekend!

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