Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday 11 November - 11/11/11

Current location: Penzance, Cornwall
11.11am, In my kitchen with my mum, talking about my great-grandad. Today is important for this blog, because of course it is the 11th day of the 11th year in 2011. But it's also an important day for remembering those who fought in, and died in, World War 1. My great-grandad, Joseph May, fought in the Battle of the Somme, and was one of only two of his platoon that returned; he lost almost all his friends there. He was also gassed and sent home but, as soon as he was well, he was sent back to France! What an amazing man – and he was only one of millions. This haunting, excellent image of men in the Somme is from Royalulsterriflescom.

Today – occurring only once every hundred years – is supposed to be lucky, so I hope that it is does bring good luck to you all. It's already been a good one for me as, today, I hit 30,000 page views...something I wouldn't have even considered when I started this blog back in June 2010! I also hope it's an especially great one for both my friend Bree and my uncle Dennis - Both fab people in very different ways, and both celebrating their birthdays today.

Happy 11/11/11!

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