Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tuesday 4 October - Champagne and chatting

Current location: Perth
11.11pm, Sitting in a bar in central Perth (I'm not sure what the bar was called) with Leeli, my Aussie friend I spent a lot of time with in Berlin. She lives back in Perth now and she took me out today for a fun afternoon of sightseeing in Fremantle, which included visiting the Little Creatures brewery for lunch - yum. We went to some beaches, then popped back to the huuuuge mansion (pretty much) that Lee lives in, to get changed and pick up some champagne. Determined to make the most of the evening sunshine, we went for a long walk along the river and then caught a train to Kings Park, which overlooks the whole city. Sitting in the park as the sun went down and the skyline filled with twinkling lights, we finished the champers and headed into the city to prolong the evening. What a joy Australia is!

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