Friday, September 23, 2011

Wednesday 21 September - Book Club continues

Current location: Somewhere in South London
11.11pm, In a CAR on the way home. CAR gets capitals because being driven around in London is not something that happens to me very often. Anyway, that wasn't the most exciting thing that happened this evening. Oh, no.

The exciting bit was Book Club, which we had for the third time. I love our Book Club (yes, that deserves capitals too). Tonight was Abi's turn to host, in her huge flat in Putney, and she was such a good host! Yummy (and lots of) homemade food, great conversation and lots of wine and laughing, as always. We were discussing the last book we read, The Hunger Games. It sounds like the WORST BOOK EVER but, somehow, it's ended up being in my top five BEST books ever! Though the plot sounds like something I would absolutely hate, I really, really enjoyed it and immediately bought and read the next two in the trilogy. My advice is, don't read anything about it (including the blurb), just read the book. It's being made into a film, so I reckon this time next year, everyone will be reading it!

We haven't decided on our next book yet so, any ideas, let me know...

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