Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saturday 17 September - A weekend of delights

Current location: Shoreditch
11.11pm, Hanging out with the trendies in East London. I was at a bar with two-thirds of my best friends, drinking tequila (my new, weird drink of choice) and shrieking a lot, as tends to happen when we get together.

I have had such a weekend of good people. Last night, I went to my sister's house, where five-sixths of my family were (I'm not sure why I've started doing fractions, but I'm going to run with it). We had dinner, chatted, debated, laughed, drank and played with baby Ella (not in that order). I got to put Ella to bed – I love it; reading to her, giving her milk and singing her little songs. She's so sweet!

On Saturday, Claire and Matt came to visit Lewisham, and we showed them the best the South-East has to offer. As always tends to happen when Claire and I get together, we went shopping (and bought the same top; the tree one, above) and then sat in the lovely pub, Ravensbourne Arms, and played Taboo and drank cider. A perfect Saturday afternoon, which was followed up with Emma arriving, the wine being opened, The X Factor being watched, pizza being eaten, the train being caught, and an an excellent evening in Shoreditch with my girls.

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