Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tuesday 28 June - One year on

11.11pm, Deciding.

One year ago today, on the day I moved to Berlin, I started this blog.

I've recently been thinking about it, and debating whether to continue or not... The thing is, I wanted to start the blog to document all the varied, exciting and new things I would be doing after I moved to Berlin. At the time, I had no idea what I would be doing, where my life would take me and the decisions I would make.

After living in Berlin and Austria, I have moved to London. Over time, I have taken on a full-time job, and moved in with Andy. Now, often, what I am doing at 11.11am is sitting at my desk doing work, and what I am doing at 11.11pm is sleeping. It doesn't make the most interesting reading.

I love my life, wholeheartedly, and wouldn't change it at all at the moment. I couldn't be less bored, but I am aware that reading about someone else's everyday life can definitely be boring. So... should I carry on?

I have become mega attached to this blog. It means I pay more attention to what I am doing each day, I take more photos and I have kept up with writing. I have learnt more about blogging, read more of other people's blogs and been proud to show my blog to people. Most importantly, I now have the most amazing online diary that documents, in detail, the best year of my life.

It's been a year that has seen me achieve more than I've ever achieved in a year, including:
Live, and fall in love with, a different country
Learn to snowboard (badly)
Have my very first garden of my own
Live in the same city as ALL my best friends from uni
Get a pay rise
Get robbed
Visit Oslo
Own three different bikes
Launch my website
Move in with the love of my life, twice
Meet Hanson, my idols

This is only a (very) small selection of the things that have happened to me this year, and I could write much more. But I do wonder if I would have remembered all these wonderful, challenging and exciting things if I hadn't blogged about it all. Though I'm pretty sure I would have remembered meeting Hanson...

The blog has had almost 18,000 hits in total, and I don't want to give up on it completely. But, from now, I might not update it daily. We'll see...

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  1. as long as you still want to do it, you could blog about other things, not necessarily what you are doing throughout the day but what your views on current affairs, some of your writing pieces, reviews on anything from books to places, plans for the future (or goals and then keeping track of them) or whatever you fancy really :) I guess the main thing is that you're still interested, and there's no rule to say you must update every day, I guess with all things, interest in one's blog ebbs and flows. xxx