Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday 22 August - Funday Sunday

11.11am, Waking the family (Andy, Nick, Bree) for a day of dreams. Our day started with a visit to Neukölln Flohmarkt (flea market). It is completely different type of market to Mauerpark, which our usual Sunday jaunt (see here for the kinds of treasures you can find there). It's much more grass-roots, pikey junk, which means that when you find something you want, you can usually get it for an absolute bargain. So far we've picked up a delightful pair of shoes for €1, a polaroid camera for €2, a vintage 35mm SLR for €3 (which we've since found out is worth about $200) and a giant giraffe. Lots more too, but they're the most exciting ones.

Next we cycled to Prenzlauer Berg to go to the French Cafe of Dreams, the same one that I've written about lots... here and here. Had my usual cheese platter and left feeling full and happy.

Next was onto Tempelhofer Park (the old airport), where Bree, Andy, Nick and I drank white wine spritzers and played Trivial Pursuit. Andy won, even though the rest of us cheated. A lot.

Finally, Bree and I had a lovely girl dinner with Emma, Eri and Lee at Maria Peligro. Super super evening, despite getting caught in stupid amounts of rain.

Dream day.

(Picture taken from Anne Wallingford)

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