Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friday 20 August - The night of a thousand pittas

11.11pm, Nearly exploding with fullness (is that a word?!). Lee, Emma, Bree and I went to Nil, a Sudanese place for dinner. With none of us having eaten Sudanese before, we went for some things that sounded like starters/tapas-type dishes, at around 2 Euro each. Halloumi, chicken, salad, falafel, that kind of thing. We ordered nine of them between us, and it turned out that they were definitely NOT little tapas-style dishes. They were big pittas. So we had nine between us, and then nearly exploded for the rest of the night.
I would totally recommend going there, but maybe just order one or two things. Not nine.

(Photo taken from where's the revolution?)

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